Joann Maria Yarrow is a Professional Speaker and Coach who shares her experience as a director and producer with global institutions to perform authentic communication, team building and power presentations.  She is a professional development director for several cultural organizations and business enterprises. Her career spans from Broadway productions to television shows to Entrepreneurial creativity. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Joann is dedicated to engaging and empowering artists and entrepreneurs by bridging creativity with productivity and performance training with executive strategies.

Performance Coaching

  • Preparing a powerful voice and an acute listening

  • Delivering scripts, presentations and power points

  • Being self-expressed, authentic and global

Consultant for individuals, Executives, and Business 

  • Personal presentation 

  • Power-pitching is Power listening  

  • Effective public speaking

  • Interview techniques 

  • Team building



  • Script development and supervisor for video, web and print

  • Production/event development

  • Designing a space for implementing creative ideas

  • Confidence in presentation, pitch and professional events

  • More affective communication with clients, staff, and personal relationships 

  • Being authentic with who are online, on stage and interpersonally

  • Learning to share your ideas with passion and precision

  • Combining business acuity and artistic creativity

  • Designing the job everyone loves to go to and make successful